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Tek Secure, provides a comprehensive portfolio of security services. Security is fundamental to the well-being of any business. For years businesses have understood the need to protect their physical assets, but until recently the need for cyber or logical protection has been overlooked. Today, it is imperative to protect all assets. A cyber attack or breach often has far more devastating results to a business than a physical breach. Today, the integration of cyber and physical security is a must. The security industry calls the integration of cyber and physical security, "convergence." Convergence security creates a single path for a company's overall security strategy. Combining physical and cyber security creates a stronger defense, less overhead, reduced costs, and stronger management control.

Cyber/Physical Security

The Tek has formed a unique group of products to help protect your network, your computers and your data.  The first step in protecting your systems and customer data is identifying what needs protecting.  We do this by running a security scan on your entire network. Click here for a sample Report.  This finds computers and servers missing critical patches from multiple vendors.  It also finds any unprotected data that if your system was breached could result in fines from government organizations like the SEC.  This data could be anything from Social Security Numbers to Credit Card information.

After the initial discovery scan we then recommend a course of action to not only fix these issues but continue to monitor your network and your customer data and make sure it remains protected.

SEC and HIPAA requirements are complex and costly if you don't understand them and we have the experience to make sure you stay in compliance.

  • Risk Assessments (vulnerability scan of systems to discover exposed data)
  • Threat Analysis/Removal (returning your systems to a "clean state" by removing, quarantining, encryption, or backup of sensitive exposed data)
  • Advanced Technology Protection (the utilization of the latest Zero Day Artificial Intelligence based anti-virus software to stop attacks at the endpoint.)
  • Continuous Monitoring (24/7 monitoring of all devices to proactively prevent breach activity and attacks.)
  • Penetration/Vulnerability Testing (controlled simulated attacks to discover system vulnerabilities)
  • Security Compliance Services (Security solutions to keep your company in compliance avoiding fines and penalties.)
  • Policies and Procedures ( A complete customized company handbook setting security policies and procedures for all employees)
  • Security Training ( an in-depth on-line module based employee training program)
  • Mobile Security (advanced protection services for mobile devices)
  • Insurance Policies (cyber breach policies to protect you in the event of an attack)
  • Remediation Services (comprehensive services to help you restore and recover after a breach)


Our Cyber Security suite includes:


Risk Security Analysis Scanner

Virus Protection

Virus Protection

Spam Protection

Spam Protection

Data Encryption

E-Mail Encryption


Email Archiving

E-Mail Archiving

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud File Sharing


Disk and File Encryption


Risk Assessments

Use our risk assessment security tool to discover the location and dollar value of each risk factor. Receive a free report identifying social security, credit card, driver’s license, EIN, Federal Tax ID numbers, un-patched software and more. Your free report will pinpoint your vulnerabilities to the file location for easy quarantine, deletion, back-up, and encryption.

Threat Analysis Removal

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Purge. Each risk is analyzed and reviewed so proper action can be taken to develop a plan to prevent future threats. Using a triage strategy vulnerabilities are repaired through quarantine, deletion, back-up, and encryption. This process achieves a “Clean State” so that your systems are free of vulnerabilities.

Advanced Protection

Once in a “Clean State”, advanced protection is installed. The latest in advanced artificial intelligence, machine-learning based ‘zero-day’ anti-virus software is used to offer you the most comprehensive coverage available on the market. Proactive use of Zero-Day artificial intelligence AV software along with encryption technology, multiple location redundant back-ups, automatic security patching, and monitoring services keeps your data secure.

In the end, security technology comes down to understanding a simple truth. As the “defender,” we must cover all points of attack while the “attacker” only need identify a single point of weakness.

Continuous Monitoring

Day to Day support.

This is a service where The Tek truly shines.  We have a help desk waiting to provide support Monday through Friday.  Don't pay for expensive on site support when a majority of your support can be done remotely.

We have developed a custom monitoring tool that gives us instant information on the health of your computers and services and sends you nightly updates on your current infrastructure and what needs to be resolved.  With our monitoring tool most likely we will know about an issue before you do.

Call us so we can come in and evaluate your infrastructure today.  -  919.386.3575


Custom Monitoring Tool


Reliable Backups


Virus Protection


Hardware & Software Solutions


Penetration/Vulnerability Testing

Times are confusing and there is so much to know about Technology.

We will come on site and give a free consultation on which direction we think is best for you.  We have helped companies large and small to implement the simplest and most complex of solutions.  The Tek employs engineers and has partnered with companies to offer the widest range of services.  Whether using cloud hosted or on site technology, we can come up with a solution that best fits your business model and budget.  Reliable technology doesn’t have to be complex or costly to work for your organization.

Contact us today to schedule a one on one consult.


Security Compliance Services

Have you tested your backup solution?

We have helped multiple companies try to recover data which wasn't properly backed up and the end was a costly mistake.  All they needed was a reliable backup solution and they could of saved thousands simply restoring from a backup.  At The Tek we don't believe in a single backup solution.  Two is always better than one and this is amplified for backups.  Make sure you have one onsite backup and one offsite backup.  We have developed a solution that allows you to backup to local disk and also to an offsite location.

If your only back-up up is to a local location and a disaster such as a fire or flood occurs you could lose all your data.

Our solution offers onsite and offsite backups simultaneously.  So restores are much quicker than an off site only solution like Carbonite or Mozy.  If you have several hundreds of gigs that need to be restored you could be down for days instead of restoring from a local copy which could only be hours.  How much money will you lose if your business is down for days instead of hours?

Bring in The Tek today to evaluate your backup solution and make sure you're protected -  - 919.386.3575

Incredibly Fast Backup and Restore

exceeds 5GB/min

Military-grade Protection

for customer data up to 448 Blowfish

Fully Hosted Onsite and Off

for the fastest and safest recovery

Verified Backups

with custom daily reports