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Partnering with the best in class providers, Tek Solutions offers services such as voice over IP, Cloud hosting, wired and wireless, network security, server operating systems, disaster recovery, and help desk consulting. The fact is that numerous companies are struggling to operate effectively as down time and failure of their systems reduces their efficiently. Still more companies are not aware of the constantly changing technologies that can materially enhance their profitability. Tek Solutions is ready to help!


IT Support

Day to Day support.

This is a service where The Tek truly shines.  We have a help desk waiting to provide support Monday through Friday.  Don't pay for expensive on site support when a majority of your support can be done remotely.

We have developed a custom monitoring tool that gives us instant information on the health of your computers and services and sends you nightly updates on your current infrastructure and what needs to be resolved.  With our monitoring tool most likely we will know about an issue before you do.

Call us so we can come in and evaluate your infrastructure today.  -  919.386.3575


Custom Monitoring Tool


Reliable Backups


Virus Protection


Hardware & Software Solutions


Backups / Recovery

Have you tested your backup solution?

We have helped multiple companies try to recover data which wasn't properly backed up and the end was a costly mistake.  All they needed was a reliable backup solution and they could of saved thousands simply restoring from a backup.  At The Tek we don't believe in a single backup solution.  Two is always better than one and this is amplified for backups.  Make sure you have one onsite backup and one offsite backup.  We have developed a solution that allows you to backup to local disk and also to an offsite location.

If your only back-up up is to a local location and a disaster such as a fire or flood occurs you could lose all your data.

Our solution offers onsite and offsite backups simultaneously.  So restores are much quicker than an off site only solution like Carbonite or Mozy.  If you have several hundreds of gigs that need to be restored you could be down for days instead of restoring from a local copy which could only be hours.  How much money will you lose if your business is down for days instead of hours?

Bring in The Tek today to evaluate your backup solution and make sure you're protected -  - 919.386.3575

Incredibly Fast Backup and Restore

exceeds 5GB/min

Military-grade Protection

for customer data up to 448 Blowfish

Fully Hosted Onsite and Off

for the fastest and safest recovery

Verified Backups

with custom daily reports


Server Installations

Computer and server installations can be difficult and time consuming. The Tek has years of computer and server installation experience. Our engineers will help you find the right systems to meet your needs. Our services include consulting, purchasing, configuration, installation, and maintenance. You can count on The Tek to make sure you get the solution you need to keep your business on track and running smoothly.

Phone / VOIP Solutions

The days of expensive phone solutions are over.

You certainly shouldn't have to pay more for the same reliable phone services you can get for less.  We have tailored a custom VOIP Solution that can be hosted onsite or offsite and is feature rich to compete with the most expensive phone systems.  See our blog to check out our view on the dying expensive PBX Phone system. - The Tek VOIP Blog

Give us a call today to see how we can help you ditch that old gear -  919.386.3575

Work Remotely

Virtual Desktops have been around for a few years but just recently the technology has really taken off and is starting to save even smaller companies money and downtime! The gist of a virtual desktop is the desktop is running on a server and then you use a small device to connect to the desktop. This device is small and compact. It doesn’t have any moving parts or any complex operating system and you can use it anywhere outside of your main network without a VPN to connect to your desktop securely.

The upfront cost of purchasing a large server and Microsoft Licensing to run a virtual environment is an investment you will have to make in the beginning but over time it will save you money in costly desktop equipment. More importantly it saves them a significant amount in downtime. When an employee’s system crashed they could be down for an entire day, that is lost productivity for the entire company. With all desktops running on a highly robust server the chance of unforeseen downtime is greatly reduced.

Please contact us at The Tek for a demo of this incredible technology provided by VM Ware.

Help Desk Consulting

We can build help desk solutions of any size!

The Tek has provided consulting services to help build help desk solutions of all sizes.  We can help you with a cloud hosted help desk solution or an onsite solution.  We have several certifications for software solutions such as Cherwell and FrontRange's H.E.A.T solution.

We can help you with integrated phone solutions to work with your help desk solution.  If you need help developing your procedures or training for your operators on proper handling of customer's support issues then give us a call today - 919.386.3575

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Is this just a fad or a catch phrase?

Odds are you already have a cloud hosted solution and don't know it.  Do you host your email offsite or have a filter service for spam and virus protection?  Even if your virus protection is onsite where are your virus definitions coming from?  All the above are hosted cloud based solutions.  We know the term "cloud" is used a lot and can be confusing but we can help.

If there is a chance to get a server or service out of your office and save you money then we will find a way to accomplish it.  Give us a call today - 919.386.3575