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If you operate out of an older building, then most likely your cabling is a little older.  Over the last 16 years or so we have seen multiple iterations of standard cabling we use to connect our computers, access points for wifi, our VOIP phones and everything that needs access to the local lan or internet.

Funny thing about this is we come across customers on a regular basis that have spent a lot of money upgrading to newer voip solutions, adding newer firewalls and access points to their older location but they never replaced the wiring.  Currently the latest version of cabling is Cat 6 which can do up to 10 Gbps!!  Before that we had 5e which was the first cable type to support 1 gig.  But most see a standard looking cable and an RJ-45 connection and assume they are good to go but if the building was wired during the late 90s or early 2000s then most likely even though you have a standard looking connection you are still running Category 5 cable.

Did you know Cat 5 cable (not 5e) can only support 100Mbps.  So if you have a newer access point that can support speeds up to up to 450Mbps and running older cabling then your max speed will only be 100Mbps.

Older cabling not only will slow down your network but also accessing those needed cloud based solutions you rely on to run your business day in, day out!  Call us today for us to come onsite and take a look at your cabling to see if it is time for an upgrade.