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Today, June 1st, we kick off another Hurricane Season in North Carolina. As many know, the season runs through November 30th, while the peak season is August through October. During the 2021 season, we saw a heightened number of storms, and this year’s prediction is similar.

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), this year will mark the 7th consecutive above-average hurricane season. This season expects to produce a range of 14-20 named storms, 6-10 of which could become hurricanes.

It is important to remember that it only takes one storm to create substantial damage, so it is essential to prepare a plan for both shelter and evacuation scenarios. A crucial part of this plan for you and your business should include your tech.

Here are some things to think about.

Backups: If you find yourself in a situation where data could be lost due to weather, a backup plan is essential. Multiple backups exist, including onsite, offsite, cloud, or hybrid. Onsite can be quick, but offsite could be safer if your business is adversely affected by weather.  Look at the 3.2.1 rule.

Inventories: A detailed inventory can help you keep track of what you have and help you stay up to date on your systems and workstation efficiency. Here at The Tek, we make a list of all assets including computers, printers, and servers for our clients and keep current with software updates and patches. Since we monitor systems 24/7, any updates and patches are administered automatically.

Lack of power and internet: A loss of power can occur quickly during intense storms. To protect yourself and your tech, it’s important to have a surge protector and battery backup. Be mindful that if your surge protector takes a big hit, it does need replacing before the next storm. It is also a smart decision to unplug devices during storms to avoid damage to them should lightning hit.

Cradle Points: Weather events can take out physical lines to and from buildings, affecting your primary internet. Having a Cradle Point (a device that connects to your edge router/firewall that provides a redundant internet connection over cellular towers) will keep you afloat in this scenario.

Remote Workforce: While many may be back in the office full or part-time, it is wise to have a remote workforce plan in place if weather impedes your ability to work from the office. The Tek’s capabilities include setting up a mobile workforce for your company to prepare you, and your company shall disaster strike.

Remember to always have a plan and proper supplies to keep your business and family safe.  Many national and state resources exist for more information about hurricane safety beyond the tech sector.  You can find printable NC 2022 hurricane season guides in Spanish and English here at ReadyNC.

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