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Have you cleaned up your clipboard lately on your mobile device?

By Cybersecurity, Password Management, Tek Tips

By default Android devices keep a history of everything you copy to your clipboard so if you’re like many of us that use a password manager you probably often copy your password to the clipboard to go to an app or a website, to paste that password.
After you do this Android doesn’t delete the password but it keeps it in your history. If someone ever got access to your phone physically or through an application then they could check the history of your clipboard and retrieve all those passwords in your clipboard.
This is why it is important every now and then to clean up the history of your clipboard.

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Cybercriminals Don’t Take Vacations

By Cybersecurity

We’re all excited to travel to see friends and family this holiday season. Before you set off on your trips however, take a second to secure your network and devices. Cybercriminals don’t take vacations. In fact, they use the holiday season as a prime time to prey. Here are some tips for staying cyber safe during the holiday season and while traveling!

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