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It’s a reality that many companies continue to use old, outdated or inefficient systems because they assume upgrading will be prohibitively expensive. However, to showcase how this doesn’t have to be true, we’re excited to share the stories of one of our valued customers.

Dunn, NC–based Snipes Insurance has been a customer of The TEK for more than three years. As a growing company with four state-wide locations, their technology needs were evolving as they looked to keep their offices connected and their employees productive.

Like many growing, multi-location companies, bandwidth issues were a daily challenge for Snipes. After being engaged for total managed service, we immediately made and implemented a set of recommendations to address those issues, including:

  • Moving from individual Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) connections to a SD-WAN network. This immediately provided significantly increased dedicated bandwidth for all users.
  • Analyzed their voice services, which were at the time provided through an on-location phone system at each office. The Tek integrated their voice services with the new SD-WAN platform. We moved them to a new VOIP solution with new polycom handsets, providing even more efficiency. Employees are not able to make and receive phone calls from their business number remotely, regardless of which device they are on.
  • Utilizing EventTracker allows us to see into the network and each device to detect potential attackers and threats, no matter if their device is in the office or being used remotely.

These key steps worked to solve their bandwidth issues and protect their network.

Did this come at a huge financial cost? Quite the contrary, as these new, more powerful and efficient platforms came at a fraction of the cost of their previous MPLS connections. We were then able to use these cost savings to increase the speed at all three locations, even switching one location from COAX to fiber.

In other words, The Tek essentially built a newer, faster and more powerful network, added new phone systems, added new firewalls at all locations and provided heightened cybersecurity measures for the same monthly cost that they had been paying previously.

“With any customer engagement, we take a holistic view of all of their needs and make recommendations that are solely focused on positively impacting a business’ efficiency, safety, and even profitability,” said Joey Costa, CEO, The Tek. “When all of this can happen without increasing a customer’s monthly spend, it’s particularly gratifying. Our engagement with Snipes proves that this is not always the case.”

Insurance companies are among those that cannot afford to be “offline” at any time, especially during times of crisis. Many of the changes were done to ensure they could still operate at full strength during natural disasters such as hurricanes. When Covid-19 turned into a national emergency, these upgrades paid immediate dividends for Snipes as they were now prepared for work from home or office closure scenarios.

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