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In the age of hybrid work environments, companies need to decide whether to allow employees to use personal devices while working from home or issue company-owned and managed devices and require those are used.

In the interest of safe cybersecurity practices, using company-owned and managed devices will always be the better choice, and here’s why.

If using a personal device:

  • Proper security software may not be installed or kept up to date, leaving systems vulnerable to cyber criminals to access sensitive company data.
  • Personal devices are often used by other family members, raising the risk of someone clicking on a virus, which could infect company networks a VPN is in use.
  • The company is not responsible for a personal device if destroyed or infected with a virus.
  • Employees could miss information sent out by a company administrator if proper software is not installed.

If using a company-issued device:

  • The company’s security team is constantly monitoring for threats.
  • Individual employees are covered by company cybersecurity insurance if ransomware or phishing attacks happen.
  • Help desks can remote into the device and quickly solve issues.
  • Regular software updates are actioned, keeping the device as secure as possible.

If your company is thinking about making the shift to using company-managed devices or you need to ensure you have all of the proper cybersecurity measures in place for a work-from-home workforce, drop us a line.  CONTACT US