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Good bye PBX, Hello SIP Based VOIP Systems

By 10.30.14February 17th, 2022No Comments

The day of complex equipment based phone systems are dead!

We have been tricked into thinking that a large complex phone system with lots of switches and servers are the only way to provide a large scale and reliable phone system to our clients with more than a 100 phones.

This is not the case anymore. Here at The Tek we have dropped our expensive and complex phone system provider and switched to an open source platform developed by SipFoundry.
Sip Foundry We evaluate several SIP Based phone solutions but this one blew us away!

But I know what your thinking!  Come on man, open source has it’s place but a large scale corporate environment is not the place or time for open source.   Now, I have built companies around open source technology and I agree, it is hard to sell it to a customer.     How do you sell something that is free and convince them they will get adequate support?    Well, you sell them the same open source solution via a company that has built a full support help desk around it and developed some incredible add-ons to complement the already full feature set.

Your no longer selling a product, but your selling a service and we are doing that through EZuce!

Ezuce has a team dedicated to support, engineering services and customer service and after we got our EZuce SIP solution installed internally and got world class support from them to get everything running smoothly we were convinced this was the solution we were going to start to sell.

We have found that our customers are very receptive to the solution.  They like the idea they will only need a basic server to run several hundred extensions and no longer need multiple switches and devices to run the platform.  It works on their existing network infrastructure.

The solution is all web based and has hundreds of features.  Quite frankly it is to many to list here.  But if you want a full list go visit the EZuce website.  If you want a demo of the system just shoot me an email and we will bring our demo kit and show you how a world class enterprise VOIP Solution from EZuce is a good fit for your organization.

Here is my demo kit I put together:

demo system

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