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Have you cleaned up your clipboard lately on your mobile device?

By 03.09.22March 25th, 2022No Comments
By default Android devices keep a history of everything you copy to your clipboard so if you’re like many of us that use a password manager you probably often copy your password to the clipboard to go to an app or a website, to paste that password.
After you do this Android doesn’t delete the password but it keeps it in your history.   If someone ever got access to your phone physically or through an application then they could check the history of your clipboard and retrieve all those passwords in your clipboard.
This is why it is important every now and then to clean up the history of your clipboard.
Go to the app of your choice.
Here we are using “the messenger” app on our phone as an example.
* Here are the instructions for your Android phone with a standard keyboard.
* If you have replaced your keyboard or don’t use the standard Android Keyboard then the steps may vary a little.
1. – Go to the app of your choice.  The keyboard will show up. On the hand right side there will be 3 dots. Click there.
2.-  Then a new menu will show at the bottom…
click on “clipboard”
3. – It will show you all you have on your clipboard.  You will be surprised how much private information is there.  Then just click on the trashcan.
4. – Click on ALL or just choose what you want to erase.
5. – Click on Delete