The firewall (Blog) is the first line of defense to stop attacks.  Even basic firewalls have multiple forms of defense to block threats.  As with any layered security, your firewall should have several key technologies which include web filtering, email scanning, traffic inspections and the ability to forward the logs to a SIEM platform so you can perform query searches of all inbound and outbound traffic. You also want to make sure it also has an IPS (Intrusion Prevent System) or an IDS (Intrusion Detection System). These are usually AI-based systems that can block malicious traffic using key indicators. We use several vendors for firewalls, including Cisco, Meraki and Sophos. We recommend even small home offices maintain a firewall on-premise. We will help monitor it and keep it up to date. Some firewalls have built-in wifi so you can have both your wireless and edge protection all in one device.

Advanced Protection

When we talk about advanced protection we are usually referring to above and beyond the basics. The basics today include using the antivirus built into your operating system and having a basic router you purchased at best buy. This doesn’t come close to the level of protection you need to protect yourself from advanced threat actors. Advanced Protection is a layered approach that we have developed using the NIST framework and multiple proven products to develop our technology stack. To fully protect you you need several layers which include the following:

  • Employee Training – (Blog) This is the very first line of defense for any organization and the first thing we recommend for a company of any size. About 89% of all cyber breaches are caused by human error and with just a little bit of training you can prevent a majority of breaches. Our platform also simulates phishing attacks to see which employees are more prone to clicking on phishing emails which allows us to custom tailor additional training for more high-risk employees.
  • Advanced Anti-Virus with XDR, not just a basic anti-virus but one that stops zero-day attacks and threats that have never been seen before and has built-in ransomware protection.  The AV that we provide has an Extended Detection and Response Engine which allows us to stop threats and also investigate how they got onto your system.  We also have a Managed Threat Response team to help with advanced malware threats.
  • Remote Monitoring Solution (RMM) – Your IT company should know the health of your PC at all times. Using our RMM, we make sure you have the latest security patches. We also use a series of alerts for updates and performance issues.
  • Instant Remote Support – We can access your PC instantly to provide support.  Quick responses to suspicious activity make it less likely an attacker can cause significant damage to your network or PC.
  • SIEM/SOC – No longer are Security Operations Centers just for larger companies with big budgets. Now it is important for organizations of any size. We collect the logs from your PC and firewalls and push them through our AI-based engine to detect suspicious activity, such as large downloads to a USB device or traffic to and from a foreign IP Address that shouldn’t be happening.
  • Backups – (Blog) Secure offsite backups are a must to recover from ransomware or just a failed PC.  We monitor all backups to make sure they are functioning properly and running every day or even multiple times a day.
  • Firewall – Your firewall should have several key technologies including web filtering, email scanning, traffic inspections and the ability to forward the logs to a SIEM platform so you can perform query searches of all inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Password Management, Single Sign-On (SSO), Two Factor Authentication (2FA)  – Reused passwords or mismanagement of passwords is a common breach tactic by hackers.

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Security Compliance Services

The Tek is listed on the Schwab Marketplace as one of the few cyber security firms that provide specialized services in RIAs and finance.  We have provided hundreds of Incident/Disaster recovery plans and cyber security analyses, while also developing policies and procedures and helping with SEC Audits. We have taken this knowledge and expanded into other industries that need cyber security coverage or must meet certain requirements or regulations.
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Security Training

Cyber security training (Blog) is the first line of defense, and it’s the first thing we recommend for a company of any size. About 89% of all cyber breaches are caused by human error, but just a little bit of training can prevent a majority of breaches. We can set up and manage your training platform as well as send automated reports to show employee completion rates. We can also tailor training for more high-risk team members.
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Virus Protection

We have evaluated every virus protection platform on the market, and Sophos comes out on top with its advanced AI protection platform. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to protect our customers. We also use Sophos’ MTR Platform, which provides us with additional cyber security experts if an advanced threat calls for more support.
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Malware and Virus Removal Services

We have a proven set of tools that discover and remove known and unknown threats. We have a free 30-day breach resolution solution for both small and large-scale networks to help identify compromised systems and stop attackers in their tracks!
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24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

A 24×7 SOC adds what we call “eyes on glass.” This is a team of trained experts evaluating threats flagged as Priority 1 and 2. Using logs from multiple systems, including firewalls, desktops, laptops, servers and cloud-based solutions like Office 365, an AI-based engine breaks down the logs to identify events that could be dangerous. These events are then assessed by the team. An effective solution needs both a computer-based AI component and a human element.
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Phone / VOIP Solutions

The days of expensive phone solutions are over. We have a custom, feature-rich VOIP solution that can be hosted onsite or offsite.
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