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The firewall (Blog) is the first line of defense to stop any attacks from getting on your network. Even basic firewalls today have multiple forms of defense to block threats. As with any layered security your firewall should have several key technologies which include web filtering, email scanning, traffic inspections and the ability to forward the logs to a SIEM platform so you can perform query searches of all inbound and outbound traffic. You also want to make sure it also has an IPS (Intrusion Prevent System) or an IDS (Intrusion Detection System). These are usually AI based systems that can block malicious traffic using key indicators. We have several vendors that we use for firewalls including Cisco, Meraki and Sophos. We recommend even small home offices maintain a firewall on premise. We will help monitor it and keep it up to date. Some firewalls even have built in wifi so you can have both your wireless and edge protection all in one device.

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