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We all look forward to the few holiday weekends we get a year to kick back and relax.  However, something that can easily sour your holiday vibe is if your personal data is stolen because it wasn’t properly secured.  It’s a smart move to prepare for a day off by securing your network and devices. Here are some tips to keeping your data safe this 4th of July weekend and on future vacations!

Keep your personal data safe during vacation with these tips:
    • Be sure to use a secure website that begins with “HTTPS” in the URL when booking any travel
    • Ensure your first line of defense for mobile and laptop devices is strong. Double check that security features and pass codes are enabled on devices before leaving on your trip
    • Avoid any unwanted connections to your device by turning off automatic Bluetooth connectivity
    • Use password protected Wi-Fi networks and avoiding connecting to free public Wi-Fi as much as possible
    • Keep an eye on your accounts regularly. The quicker you see a discrepancy on your account, the faster and easier it will be to handle
    • Leave smart devices and valuable items in a hotel safe to avoid losing them to a pocket thief or hotel service
    • Try to refrain from giving play-by-plays of your vacation on social media. It can easily reveal that you are not home and are far from being able to stop a home theft

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