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Hurricane Season is coming. Why Your Computer Really Needs a Battery Backup Device.

Battery backup devices, also known as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), have been around for decades, yet relatively few computer owners use them. However, based on my experience, not having one is a mistake. Let’s explore why:

  1. Preventing Data Corruption:
    • A sudden power loss can corrupt your Windows installation, rendering your computer unbootable without a visit to the repair shop.
    • A battery backup unit monitors the power line and switches to its internal battery instantly during voltage drops or outages, preventing data loss.
  2. Protecting Internal Components:
    • Brownouts and power losses weaken or outright damage internal computer components.
    • A battery backup helps maintain stable power, reducing the risk of hardware issues.
  3. Avoiding Lost Work:
    • Unexpected shutdowns due to power interruptions can lead to lost work.
    • With a battery backup, you won’t lose unsaved work during sudden outages.
  4. Surge Protection:
    • Power surges and lightning strikes can harm your expensive computer equipment.
    • While surge protectors help, battery backups offer better surge suppression.
  5. Clean Voltage Supply:
    • High-quality battery backups include line conditioning circuitry, ensuring a steady supply of “clean” voltage at 60 Hz.

Choosing a Battery Backup Unit:

  • Consider wattage and estimated run time.
  • Opt for at least 500 Watts for today’s PCs and monitors.
  • Look for units with surge suppression and line conditioning features.

Remember, investing in a battery backup device not only protects your computer but also prevents costly repairs and data loss.