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Is your customers’ data secure?

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In 2015, Ransom-ware grew 115%.  Ransom-ware is a new threat that infects your network and encrypts all your data and holds it at ransom.  93% of these breaches were caused by human error and 48% of cyber-attacks targeted small business and from that 60% of small business go out of business 6 months after an attack.

One of the main reasons these companies go out of business is usually due to a data breach.

In 2015 the SEC put a policy in place to start to charge Investment advisers with failing to adopt proper Cyber Security Policies and Procedures – Link to Press Release.

Can you afford to have your customers data breached by a Cyber Attack? If you don’t have all of these solutions in place then your customers data could be at risk!

  • Encryption Software
  • Backup Solution
  • Network Scanner
  • Data Breach and Risk Security Analysis Tool
  • Desktop and Server Monitoring Tools
  • Algorithmic based Malware and Virus Protection
  • Email Spam Protection Gateway
  • Web Protection

If the answer is no I don’t have all of those in place, or I don’t even know what some of those things are then you need to call us right now because most likely your customers private data is not protected or even worse you could potentially be open to severe fines from certain government agencies.


Knowing what needs protecting is the first step in order to secure your customers data.   We have combined multiple vendors of proven technology to create one security solution.  Part of this solution is a Risk Analysis Scanner which scans all your desktops and servers and looks for issues on your network which include:

  • Sensitive data discovery such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Cards and Birth Dates
  • Firewall Issues
  • Dollar-based risk assessment
  • Deep vulnerability scanning
  • Risk trending reports
  • Inappropriate access discovery and alerts
  • PCI compliance
  • And much more

The scans collect a lot of data so it is important to be able to view that data which is done through an interactive dashboard.

security scan

Sample Report Link – Click Here
As you can see the scan equates a dollar value to all the sensitive data it finds. What the results don’t do is tell you how to protect that data or resolve the issues it discovers.  That is where The Tek comes in.  We will tell you how to take care off all that sensitive data and what programs or applications you should use to resolve your issues.

Call us today for your free Cyber Security Evaluation – 919.582.6212 or fill out our contact us form.

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