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Is your I.T. company proactive or reactive?

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Is your I.T. company just doing break fix?  Do they provide any kind of remote monitoring capabilities that keep your network, desktops, servers and even your mobile devices running smoothly on a day to day basis?  At the Tek we believe that it is better to be proactive and not reactive and we have partnered with a company that helps us do just that!

The Tek has started to carry a product that we call The Tek Remote Monitoring Tool.  But this isn’t just a tool.  It is a complete service that provides our customers with several key technologies that help them keep their technology solutions running all day, every day.

This single tool provides multiple services for just pennies a day per device which include:

  • 24×7 Monitoring of all vital Systems
  • Daily Safety checks on all Desktops, Servers and Mobile Devices
  • Asset Tracking
  • Remote Support
  • Patch Management
  • Managed AntiVirus backed by the award winning VIPRE Enterprise Software (ICSA and VB100 certified)
  • Managed Backups
  • Mobile Device Management

…and much much more! With these features all wrapped into one tool we now offer a complete solution for any company in any industry.

24×7 Monitoring of all vital Systems and routine safety checks

server-8006We are constantly monitoring a dashboard that represents all of our customers assets on their network.  We can instantly see any issues that we need to address.  This is possible because we have a small agent that is installed on every device and once a day it does a full health and safety check to make sure there aren’t any issues that need to be addressed.

Along with the safety checks we also provide 24×7 monitoring of all vital services.   These checks can include:

  • Event Viewer
  • Disk Space
  • Windows Services
  • Connectivity to Routers and Switches
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Email Performance and much much more.

9 times out of 10 we see issues and get them resolved before our customers even know about them!

Remote Support

We can handle a majority of our customer’s issues remotely which saves you time and money to get your support requests solved quickly without waiting for a tech to come on site.  We have the ability through our tool to securely remote into any system on your network and provide immediate support.

Using remote service control we can transfer files, chat via voice and can even fix certain issues without ever interrupting the user at all using our remote service control that is always running on the users machine or server.  Our installed agents take up very little resources on the monitored system.

Patch Management and Anti Virus


With new vulnerabilities announced every week and hundreds of different applications running on your network, deploying effective patch management is critical to maintain the health and security of your systems.

With the comprehensive and robust Tek Patch Management tool, you can kiss goodbye to Windows updates, stop worrying about security on each and every device on your network, and start relaxing while The Tek takes care of the work for you – ensuring all essential system updates are applied!

Our Anti-Virus solution is based on the award-winning VIPRE Enterprise Software (ICSA and VB100 certified), Managed Antivirus offers you highly effective virus protection, with very low impact on system resources. Most companies don’t realize the importance of virus protection until data is stolen or countless hours are spent trying to repair a system that has been infected. New threats arise everyday and you need the best in class virus protection engine that is relied upon by thousands of companies today.

Managed Backups

If you don’t have a way of monitoring your backups and verifying your backups are completely successfully then you might be in for a shock if you have a vital system go down and you have no way of recovering the data.  Part of The Tek Monitoring Tool is a fully implemented backup agent that can backup your important and business critical data to the cloud and also to an onsite location for quick recovery.

Our back up solution is just pennies per gig so how can you afford not to have a backup solutions in place with costs like that?

If you want to hear more about our Tek Monitoring Solution then please contact us:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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