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Keyboard shortcuts are the best thing when trying to speed up your work.

Most people know the usual “CTRL + C” to copy, or the “CTRL + V” to Paste.
But, here are few others that are great to learn specially for security reasons.


    — to lock your computer
    For security purposes, this is the most important one.  You should always lock your computer when you are not using it or you move away from it.  There are thousands of examples of cybersecurity issues based on people not doing this.

  • Windows Key + D
    Windows Key + L
    Windows Key + M

    Let’s say that you are reviewing confidential information of a client, and somebody shows up at your office unexpected.  You only have a few seconds to HIDE all that information.  What to do?  Easy,
    – use Windows key + D – Helps you hide or show the desktop.
    – use Windows key + L – Helps you Lock your computer completely.
    – Use Windows Key + M – Minimize all windows
    Use Windows Key + Shift + M – Restore minimized windows

  • Alt + Tab  

    –  Switches between multiple opened windows.
    Just keep clicking “Alt + Tab” as many times as needed until you find the window you want to go to.
    – For security reasons, this is great.  If you are in Zoom and you are sharing your screen but you need to change to a different window, by just using this keyboard shortcut, you will be able to move from one window to another without everybody having a full view of your opened windows.

  • Print Screen button (PrtSc)  & Ctrl + V

    – If you get a “suspicious pop-up” and you don’t know what to do?  Easy, sent us a picture to us first to review it.
    To do that just find on the keyboard the key named PrtSc.  It is usually near the numbers or the arrows.
    After that go to your email and click Ctrl + v- to paste the information on your email.

  • Ctrl + Alt + PrtScn

    – This is the same than the one above but only when you have more than one monitor.  Choose the window that you want to Print Screen.  Choose the program.  And use this shortcut.  Then paste the information on your email.

  • CTRL + Shift + T 

    – to open a tab in your browser that you accidently closed.