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At The Tek, we are more than your business’s technology provider – we are your technology partner. As a highly-capable MSSP offering Cybersecurity, IT Managed Services, and Connectivity since 2001, we offer a new level of engagement designed to give your business the knowledge, resources, and tools you need to offer your own customers outstanding services.

For the many organizations turning to MSSPs to bear the burden of cyber challenges and the ever-changing threat landscape, here are some characteristics to look for in a reliable and capable MSSP.

Roadmap – A roadmap can be one of the more important components when bringing on an MSSP or any outside entity. It is a red flag if an MSSP cannot communicate future plans well as it shows both a lack of a clear idea and priorities. Be sure to confirm that the MSSP can and does clearly communicate their plans and goals for your company. Ask questions about each step, starting with their onboarding process.

Insight – Having insight and understanding a risk profile is a crucial quality for an MSSP. A good MSSP should proactively communicate with you and provide high-level information regarding the security of your defenses. If gaps in your security controls exist, you want to feel confident that who have hired will assess and prioritize tasks to improve your defenses. Choose an MSSP that will view your strengths and weaknesses and fully understand your security posture.

Compliance – Who you hire should comply with all privacy and security laws, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Be sure to inquire that your MSSP has the tools and expertise on the laws and regulations for your specific business. In addition, it is wise to choose an MSSP that has a comprehensive cyber security manual or policies and procedures manual in place. As employees can often be the weak link in an organization’s security, a well thought out manual will educate employees and solidify individuals’ responsibilities when protecting data and systems.

Alert Notifications – Search for an MSSP who will collaborate with you to develop a custom notification plan. When it comes to security and breaches, there isn’t time to waste.  If a breach occurs, you’ll want peace of mind that the experts are immediately on top of the issue. As hackers and scammers never take a break, it is important to find an MSSP that offers round-the-clock coverage ensuring any incidents are handled quickly and efficiently. The quicker an event is handled the less damage will be done. A strong MSSP will efficiently handle your alerts and include you in the process if critical issues occur.

Customer Service – Many providers tout their customer service skills. Ask a prospective MSSP to share examples of how their customer service is outstanding. You can hire the highest level of expertise, but without proper communication and customer support, they will not be an outstanding partner. Look for an MSSP that will promptly respond to your calls and demonstrates their commitment to your business. Customer service is a critical component to consider and often separates an outstanding MSSP from a mediocre one.

We are proud to embody these qualities and provide the knowledge of how to use elevated strategies to make your business stronger, faster, more agile, data-driven and market aware. How do you select decide between an MSP or MSSP, our Blog explains the key differences between the two.

If you have questions regarding our services or what an MSSP can do for you, drop us a line at