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Here at The Tek, our key (and perhaps most important) differentiator is that we are an MSSP, or (Managed Security Service Provider). However, we realize that many businesses may not understand the differences between and MSSP and an MSP (Managed Service Provider.)

With that in mind, we thought we’d break down some of the key differences between the two.

Generally speaking, an MSP keeps your computers running, installs and maintains servers for you, and essentially performs tasks to keep your technology running smoothly. In other words, an MSP is mainly focused on technology administration.

Along with the tasks listed above, an MSP might also do the following:

  • Troubleshoot your day to day computer problems.
  • Provide training to your companies’ various employees, assisting them with performing their job fully.
  • Act as an extra hand to step in and assist with issues your staff may be bogged down with.

In addition to the services typically handled by an MSP, an MSSP provides high-level cybersecurity monitoring and management. Companies that employ an MSSP enjoy having systems in place to combat potential data breaches, which are crucial for this day and age of scams and hackers. An MSSP is also keenly focused on staying in line with companies’ specific regulations when implementing security and privacy protocols.

Here are some must-have characteristics of an MSSP:

  • A SOC, or (Security Operations Center).
  • Consulting and training capabilities.
  • Ability to analyze people’s networks, and perform penetration testing.
  • Provide assistance with incident response plans and disaster recovery plans.

A true MSSP will have cybersecurity experts that know how to do all of those things. At The Tek, we have those experts. To expand on training capabilities, we can even help with Cybersecurity training and policies as well as assist with the creation of a CS plan for employees to sign, providing additional liability protection.

When looking for a service provider, it is important to consider their basic knowledge of cyber security. Sure, these days MSPs have evolved and appear to have at least some level of security. They may promote and provide services such as configuring firewalls, helping remediate infections and ransomware, and setting up wireless access points. However, if they don’t have the correct and basic knowledge of standard security practices that MSSP’s are guaranteed to have, they will possibly be setting up these systems incorrectly or in a way that could inevitably put the customer at risk.

The Tek as an MSSP has the certified knowledge and provides you with a high caliber of cybersecurity to fit your company or organization’s needs.

For more questions regarding the difference between an MSP and MSSP, and what we can offer you, drop us a line at