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Now is a great time to switch to a paperless operation in your office (or home office). Although the idea of a paperless workplace was first discussed decades ago, it is a far more achievable today. Not only will it help your business become more organized, but it also will improve productivity, increase operational efficiency, help the environment, reduce costs and boost compliance and security.

Compliance and Security

Electronic document storage keeps your sensitive documents private. Storage can be set up to include security permissions that dictate who can view and who can edit documents and a management system that tracks who has access to the files and when.  This is especially important for records that must be kept for a prescribed amount of time such as tax documents.


Natural disasters pose a huge risk to an office that works largely with paper documents. Hurricanes, floods, fires and tornadoes could result in damage to or permanent loss of information. However, if you have a device storage system or a cloud-based solution complete with the proper security channels and backup plan, (which The Tek can provide), your critical data and information will be safe and secure.


A paperless system makes it easier for employees to work from anywhere. Some ideas to consider:


  • Implement e-signatures instead of printing and signing documents
  • Use project management software to keep to-do lists from getting lost in the shuffle
  • Keep business card information in a mobile app that scans and saves them

Once you reduce your paper usage (or go completely paperless), you may need to dispose of documents and hardware that contain sensitive data.  This can be a security risk, so you want to make sure you do it properly. Find out how in this Tek Tip.

Our security and disaster recovery services help you move to a digital system, implement a backup plan and properly dispose of sensitive information. Call us at 919-582-6212 to get started!