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People often think about cyber security as stopping the bad guys from getting on your computers remotely, or hacking into your firewall. Having in depth security measures in place on each of your devices is important, but what happens when someone walks into your office and steals an unlocked laptop or worse, picks up your server and walks out with it?

Physical breaches to be aware of include:
  • A person easily slipping into the building with another employee
  • If your building has swing doors without a guard, tailgating can be near impossible to prevent
  • Furthermore, swing doors without an alarm system run the risk of being left propped open, leaving your business very accessible
  • The use of stolen credentials will give anyone quick access to your building

As part of your cyber security policies you should consider having key fob access on your doors, security cameras, and motion sensors to detect and alert you of unwanted access.  Protecting your physical assets is just as important as protecting them virtually. 

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