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Scams – “You Won”

By 10.23.18May 12th, 2020No Comments

You received an email and you see you WON a free pizza coupon.

The sender SAYS Pizza Hut, but is the email really coming from them?  Well, scammers have found ways to make the email LOOK real, here are some of their tricks.

  1.  The email address is from but it is not really from them. Sadly, nowadays, they can make it look like the real company sent it.
  2. The sender name says Pizza Hut but the address is from totally another person or company.
  3. The email address says P1zza — where the i is not a letter but the number 1.  Or the Hut — is spell like HAT.

There are a few versions of the scam, so when you click on “Get a Free Pizza Coupon”, it may take you to:

  1. Another page where they ask you more personal questions such as name, address, phone number and then use that for another scam.
  2. Or they can send you to what LOOKS like the Pizza Hut portal, so you can sign into your account and they can get to your credit card information.
  3. If they tell you that you need to read: “The conditions” for the offer, and they want you to open a word or pdf document. – don’t do it.
  4. Or the worst options – for you to get a zip file containing a Windows executable which will make you part of a malicious botnet called Asprox or Kuluoz.

Important note:  Be aware that they would do the same thing on the “unsubscribe” or the “contact us” links.  So, make sure to check all the links before you click on them.