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The majority of business owners we work with here at The TEK are committed to implementing safeguards to ensure that their critical data is safe and secure.  However, it’s natural for a business owner to scrutinize expenses, and we often get asked why it is necessary to pay for multiple lines of protection for data security…server, firewall, anti-virus, cloud backup, etc.

The impact of COVID-19 over the past weeks has understandably led responsible business owners to look even further at every expense. As a small business ourselves, we understand. However, as technology consultants, we are urging businesses to consider the potential impact of scaling back expenses that secure critical data.

For example, we recently came across a situation with a client in which their server went down due to a windows update issue… leading to an initial state of understandable panic. On the surface, it appeared that all of their critical data was lost including, the ability to use any of their networked computers due to their server being down.  The entire office was shut down.

Once we assessed the situation, we were quickly able to determine that is was just an internal server issue, and that all data that was backed up to the cloud was safe and secure.  If they only relied on local backups then it’s no exaggeration to say it could have cost this small business more than $100,000 to get back up and running….far, far more than they’ve invested in data security measures.

If you find yourself scrutinizing expense line items, we urge you not to take short cuts when it comes to the integrity of your data.  It’s likely that these comparatively minor expenses will save you significant money (and anxiety) over time.

Questions about which data security and backup measures you should be implementing?  Questions about how much you should be spending? Drop us a line as