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As we approach tax season, it’s safe to say 2020’s tax year is far from normal. Between all of the changes on tax legislation to maneuvering how to file various relief programs, it is a lot to digest. Whether you’ve chosen to hire someone to file for you this year, or you are anxious about online fraud, here are some security measure to keep in mind.


  • When submitting your taxes online or sending them to a trusted professional, never do so on an unsecured network. It’s best to avoid using public Wi-Fi, however if you find yourself on a public network, us a VPN to inhibit someone from monitoring your activity.


  • Update the software you are using and double check your device is using the latest operating system.  In addition to this, it is wise to back up your tax data to an external drive, giving you the opportunity to delete your sensitive data from the device you filed from.


  • If you are using a CPA, it is wise to do a back ground check to insure they are properly licensed in the state of NC. Keep in mind if there is a discrepancy on your filing, the person who is having their taxes prepared to submit is responsible, not the CPA or preparation company.

Cyber security threats to your sensitive data exist every day, tax season however presents extra opportunities for scammers. As normal, keep an eye out for phishing scams. During tax season be aware they pose as an IRS representative.

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