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A multitude of shortcuts exist for your keyboard that can boost your efficiency and save you time. Instead of going to and from your mouse, you can easily be a keyboard wizard. Here are some of our favorite shortcuts for both PC and Mac to make your workflow a little smoother.

1. Reopen a Closed Browser Tab
– PC or Mac: Ctrl + Shift + T

2. Quit a Frozen Application
– PC: Ctrl + Alt + Delete (Will open the task manager)
– Mac: Option + Command + Esc (Will open a force quit window)

3. Create a New File
– PC: Ctrl + N
– Mac: Command + N

4. Zoom In or Out of Window
– PC: Ctrl + either the – or + sign.
– Mac: Command + either the – or + sign

5. Finding a Word or Phrase on a Webpage
– PC: Ctrl + F
– Mac: Command + F

6. Open a New Browser Window
– PC: Ctrl + N
– Mac: Command + N

7. Bookmark Your Current Page
– PC: Ctrl + D
– Mac: Command + D

8. Take a Specific Cropped Screenshot
– PC: Use Snipping Tool (This will open a small window box with the tools to create a “New” screen capture. )
– Mac- Command + Shift + 4

9. Google Docs Voice Typing
– Open a new document and enable “Voice Typing” from the tool’s (Tools) menu to start dictating. Be sure to use commands such as “Period” and “New Paragraph” for correct punctuation.

10. Unsend An Email (Gmail)
– Enable the “Undo Send” feature in settings and adjust it to higher than the default setting, which may initially be set to only five seconds. You may adjust it to linger for up to 30 seconds.

We hope these help you to perform a variety of tasks faster and easier. Have questions regarding shortcuts or system efficiency?

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