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WFH – Work From Home

We are officially in the age of remote work. Many companies that were thrown into the deep end at the beginning of this year quickly learned how to swim, proving it possible to continue the same caliber of work outside the office. This resulted in some making a more permanent switch to remote work. With this transition however, a work from home company handbook of procedures and policies is a must have for companies to continue to work securely.

There are many pros and cons to having employees at home, but let’s focus on the security aspect. One way to help ensure the security of your systems is to have a document for your employees to sign stating they are working securely from a remote location.

Some of the specifics we suggest covering include:

  • All computers will be used for company use only and they will be locked when an employee walks away.
  • Same goes for phones, if they have email access on their phone, make sure they don’t leave access to their kids or spouse to use the phone to play games, download free apps, etc.
  • The laptop must be password-protected and auto screen lock must be enabled.
  • Keep Personally Identifiable Information (PII) out-of-sight when not at a desk (preferably a locked cabinet or desk drawer).
  • Never save any PII directly onto laptop (in case of theft) – always save to
  • Properly dispose of paperwork by shredding at home. (For those who don’t have a shredder, they are a wise investment and only $45 on Amazon).
  • If they find themselves working outside their home at a coffee shop etc, require them to use a hotspot rather than public Wi-Fi for both their phone and laptop.

Have questions regarding WFH policies and procedures for your employees? Drop us a line at