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In the event your primary internet goes down, having a redundant plan built-in will not only save you time and money, but it will allow you to keep working without a hitch. As people are now working in new environments with various setups, the chances a loss of network will happen are higher. You can avoid this and achieve a fail-safe plan with a cradle point device.

A cradle point device is a device that connects to your edge router/firewall that provides a redundant internet connection over cellular towers (4G, 5G) instead of the physical medium like what you get from your primary ISP (Coax, DSL, Fiber). This device is typically only used and set to go active when the primary route of internet traffic is down due to ISP related issues.

Some scenarios that you may experience where having a cradle point would keep you afloat include:

  • Physical cuts of ISP links (coax, fiber). Think road construction, Mr. Backhoe likes to dig up lines.
  • DDoS attacks against your primary ISP links.
  • Your link might be up but your provider might be having issues upstream from you, these issues could be that there is a power outage in the area although you have power.
  • Ask yourself how much you bring in every min you are up and how much it will cost you every min you are down, if the cost of you being down outweighs the monthly cost of a Cellular backup Internet connection then you should look into getting one.
  • Weather events that take out physical lines to and from buildings (ice storm, hurricane). Your cellular link is not affected by that.

Something extra to consider to cover all your bases is to have a decent battery back up in place in the event you do lose power. Being prepared with a cradle point and battery back up combo is the best way to ensure your workflow is uninterrupted shall any of the above scenarios happen.

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