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With remote workforces rising at an unprecedented rate, tools to stay in touch with co-workers have become commonplace for professionals. It goes without saying that Slack is one of the more popular communication platforms today, with more than 12 million professionals using it daily.

Scammers have taken notice of Slack’s rise and are attempting to capitalize on it in nefarious ways.  As reported by SC Magazine, scammers are luring people with a referral URL domain that is not associated with the official slack app but is instead stacked with malicious messages. To be clear, hackers are not gaining access to the Slack app, but they are sending emails with links that look as if they are from Slack…a common trick used by hackers.

Something like this can put an entire company at risk if even one employee’s account were to become compromised leaving an easy path for a hacker to sift through an organization. Some of the URLs being used include “” and “” so be on the lookout for those.

In our view, scammers will undoubtedly continue to take advantage of the rise in communications tools like Slack. Be sure that your anti-virus software is up to date, use two-factor identification whenever possible, and carefully inspect all links before clicking.

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