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This week we went to a party and it was one day before a tropical storm was about to arrive to our area.  We started to discuss how well prepared each of us were for it.  We were all prepared to experience power outages because of the storm.  We had our candles, cell phones charged and extra batteries for the flash lights.  But then someone mentioned that it would be great if we could also have batteries for our internet, and then one of the guests chimed in with a solution.

He told us that he has a “Rechargeable Jump Starter”.   He usually uses it to start up his motorcycle when it has issues and for camping trips but in cases like storms, he uses it to plug his internet cable modem and his wireless router.

So, technically he “jump starts his internet”.  We thought this was a brilliant solution to the problem!!

He has something like this:  Schumacher Rechargeable AGM Jump Starter for Gas and Diesel Vehicles.  It has a 12V DC, it had USB ports, an a 120V AC.

Here is a link to the amazon product.   Amazon Link

Stay safe out there!

The Tek