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How many of you have been experiencing an influx of robocalls, spam texts, and phishing attempts through your mobile as of late? For some it may seem like every one in the world has their number at the moment. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to combat the different kinds of messages coming to your phone.

The Political – With the election around the corner, you may be receiving promotional political candidate texts. These are generally easy to opt out of with a simple “STOP” reply to their text message. This will block the sender from contacting you with further content.

The Phishing – These are classic click bait attempts at getting you to follow a link through a text message. They may falsely alert you to a package you failed to pick up, or require various actions from you. Take a beat and think to yourself if you are expecting a package or if the message seems out of the blue. Do not click these links and do not respond to these messages. It is wise to delete them as soon as you receive them.

Most providers have something that is part of their own cell plan you can get for free that is essentially a call blocker service. If you want to ramp up the coverage, they often times offer a subscription service as well. Interested in getting some help from a third party? There are a couple of popular apps that help against spammers. Some are available for both iOS and Android, though they will require a subscription and cost every month.

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