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We have the world at our fingertips via cell phone technology and, specifically, the plethora of applications available to download. In the app store, you can find games, social media, financial help, education tools, and just about anything else you’re looking for; there’s even an app where you can milk a cow! No matter your need, there is probably an application for it.

What most apps have in common that we may not pay much attention to are their permission settings. How often have you downloaded an app and quickly clicked “accept” on the permissions message so you can start using the app quicker? Be aware that many times, these settings allow the app to access your camera and microphone. When this permission is enabled, the app may be able to listen to and track your conversations to curate ads specific to you.

A good cybersecurity practice is to verify which of your apps have permission to access your camera and microphone and disable any you are weary of that may be tracking your information.


Here’s How to Disable Permissions

iPhone: Open your settings app, click on the app you would like to view, and toggle the permissions bar for camera and microphone on or off depending on your preference.

Android: Open the settings app, tap “Apps & Notifications,” select the app you want to change, then select permissions. To change the permission setting, select camera or microphone then choose Allow or Deny.

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