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As a continuation of last week’s Tek Tip, we are providing further advice for those still sharing their work environment with children at home. You love your children dearly as a parent, but love isn’t going to save your sensitive data from hackers and viruses. Now is the time to think like a Boss at home.

When in the office, different teams or positions have access to different folders. For example, sales may only have access to client folders while HR only has access to employee folders. You can apply the same mentality in your home by giving your children limited access to certain folders. There are permissions on your computer to easily choose and limit access which will contribute to putting an extra layer in between your sensitive data and potential viruses your kinds will come across.

  •  PASSWORD PROTECT Files/Folders
    1. Right Click a File/Folder
    2. Properties
    3. Security tab
    4. Edit
    5. Click user account/user group and select what rights Deny


  • Set up ENCRYPTION on Files/Folders
    1. Right Click a File/Folder
    2. Properties
    3. General tab
    4. Advanced
    5. Check off “Encrypt contents to secure data”

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