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Tek Tip – Windows Easy Transfer Replacement for Windows

By 09.24.15May 7th, 2019No Comments

Windows 8.1 had a great little utility to move information from an older computer running Windows XP or Windows 7 to a new Windows 8 machine.  It moved over all files, settings, profile information and even your Internet Explorer Favorites.

Well with an interesting twist in trying to get the masses to change to Windows 10 Microsoft made an interesting decision in removing Windows Easy Transfer which seems to contradict the very effort they are pushing towards.

Although they didn’t leave us high and dry as they have partnered with a company called LapLink to provide a free tool for a short time to transfer your data from an older Windows 7/8 Machine to a new Windows 10 machine.

I recently used this tool to transfer two different systems to new laptops for a customer and it worked really well.  Very easy interface and simple to setup.  My tip to you is if you have a lot of data plug both computers into your switch or router using a wired connection instead of over wifi as it will be much much faster!

Check it out today:

Hope you have a productive and successful week!

Joey Costa

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