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If you use an iPhone, you probably enjoy many of the features including night shift, 3D touch, and voice mail transcriptions. Phones today have so many features however, it’s hard to keep up with every magical function and tool you have at your fingertips. Here are some tips for iPhone features that might have flown under your radar.


  • Silence Unknown Callers
    • This feature on the IOS 13 update lets you switch your settings to inhibit robocalls or calls from people you don’t know from contacting you. Find this feature under the “phone” tab in settings.
  • Block Data Usage
    • Under your cellular settings, you can choose which apps will be using cellular data, and which you would like to only run on WIFI. This setting can save you when it comes to data usage if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.
  • Instantly Close All Safari Browsing Tabs
    • When you open safari and find you have multiple tabs you no longer need or forgot were open, there is a time-saving delete option. Simply hold the tab button and an option will appear to either “Close this tab,” “close all tabs” or open “new tab.”
  • Swipe Texting
    • While Android users have had this feature for a while, it’s exciting to see that iPhone’s IOS 13 update has jumped on board! This feature allows you to run your fingers across your phone’s keyboard to swipe text instead of having to tap individual letters while texting.
  • Siri Name Pronunciation
    • When Siri pronounces someone’s name incorrectly you can correct Siri by responding, “That’s not how you say ____”. Siri will then ask how to pronounce the name and give you a list of pronunciation options to choose from which you can play out loud to make a selection.

These are just a few fun features from a long list of iPhone tips and tricks. Have questions regarding device usage and security? Drop us a line at