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Password management continues to be a problem for both employees and business owners. Having a strong password and a different one for each account is your starting point. This is the key component to protecting company data and deterring a cyber breach. Once you have 14 different passwords to remember however, the memorization becomes difficult.

Enter Google, Firefox and all browsers that offer you the ability to “save” your password. This sounds like a great feature at first and better than the sticky note underneath your keyboard, but it can become a serious security risk. When your browser that holds all of your passwords gets hijacked by malware, your crucial line of defense is gone across all of your accounts. Resetting all of your passwords will now be the least of your worries as you scramble to identify lost data.  Two secure options for consideration are as follows.

Password Management Tool

There are many tools and browser add-on’s that can assist with password management by allowing you to store your passwords under one umbrella. One to mention is Last Pass. This tool can create long and complex passwords for you as well as save them for you without having to save them in the browser itself. This same tool will also allow you to use it across multiple platforms (browsers). Another tool worthy of mention is RoboForm which works well for windows applications.  With password management tools, you’ll only have to remember one master password.

Single Sign-On Solution

Single Sign-on platforms (SSO) provide that added layer of security beyond a password management tool. SSO essentially uses a single username and password to access all of your apps that are connected to your SSO.   For example, if you connect your Google, Slack, Zoom, Office 365 accounts etc., the only way into these applications will be through your SSO/provider. By doing this, you will be using the security of your provider to access your applications.

Having an SSO also makes it possible to disable an ex- employees’ login credentials across all applications with one click. While this may sound like the same thing as a password manager, SSO is different in that if offers tighter security by granting control over your applications and allows your I.T. department monitoring capabilities to ensure compliance with company policy so you don’t have to worry about your business being vulnerable to attacks. There are several SSO providers you can utilize, some even giving deals to MSSP’s they have worked with over time. The Tek can help you both find a provider that best fits your business needs and set up your own SSO platform.

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