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Weekly Tek Blogs: Mobile Device Set Up For Office 365

By 11.19.19March 3rd, 2022No Comments

Mobile Email Setup For Office 365


For iPhone/iPad users, setting up an Office 365 email account to use  with Apple’s default email app takes little time. Here are some steps on how to accomplish this task.

  1. You’ll first need to navigate to the “Settings” icon and scroll down to either “Passwords & Accounts” OR “Mail” (then click the Accounts tab).
  2. From here you will select “Add Account” and click the option for “Microsoft Exchange”.
  3. You should be prompted with a screen that allows you to enter your email address and a description name you’d like to give this account.
  4. Click “Sign In” and you will be taken to a Microsoft screen where your password can now be entered.
  5. DONE! From there you’ll just end off by deciding if you’d like the Office 365 account to integrate with your Mail app, contacts, calendar, reminders and notes.
  6. Enter MFA code if enabled.


For those iPhone/iPad users that prefer the Outlook mobile app rather than using the standard iOS email client, the steps for setup are very similar and just as simple.

  1. From your App Store install and open the Outlook app. You’ll be greeted to a home screen to “Get Started”.
  2. After selecting to get started you then select the options for how you’d like the app to notify you on your device.
  3. From there an “Add Account” screen will have the option for you to enter your email address, which will then be authenticated by Office 365.
  4. If this is a legitimate address then you will be redirected to a Microsoft Outlook page to enter your email address as well as your account password.
  5. Optional setting changes will be allowed after this but otherwise you have completed your Outlook Mobile setup.
  6. Enter MFA code if enabled.


For Android users:

  1. Open up your Google Play store
  2. Install and open the Outlook mobile app. This will direct you to an Outlook homepage.
  3. After clicking the “Get Started” button you can then enter your email account address and password for Office 365.
  4. Click Sign In and just like that you’re done with the setup of Outlook Mobile for Android.
  5. Enter MFA code if enabled.

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