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Cybercrime is never going away. In fact, cybercrime is rising at an unprecedented rate. Every year as technology advances and the world relies more and more on technology, criminals advance too, finding savvier ways to attack companies and steal sensitive data. What may be more shocking is that employees – and their human error – significantly account for most cybersecurity compromises and vulnerabilities.

Cybercriminals are skilled at taking advantage of unsuspecting employees. A study shows that 90% of cyber data breaches in 2019 were caused by human error.

That fact is something that should scare you and motivate you into taking action. In today’s world, where one minuscule, preventable mistake can leave a company open to severe damage, companies need to take security awareness training seriously.

The primary purpose of training your employees on best cybersecurity practices is to avoid falling prey to the cyberattacks businesses face daily, and foster a shared responsibility of keeping your organization safe from threats. Employee cybersecurity training can foster a culture that educates employees on their role in workplace security and how they can be the company’s first line of defense.

It’s important to make cybersecurity training mandatory for every employee and regularly update and repeat the exercises. As the landscape is continuously changing, your training should evolve with it. Cybersecurity awareness training topics to consider include password security, different forms of cyber threats, how to identify and report threats, social engineering, and your company’s specific email and social media policies.

Even the most basic security awareness training can educate employees on different cybersecurity threats and the growing landscape. Think about what improved cybersecurity means for your organization.

If you need some guidance, an MSSP (Managed Service Security Provider), like The Tek, is a resource you can count on.

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