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When Is It Time To Replace Your Computer?

By 02.05.20March 3rd, 2022No Comments

On our last TEK Tip, we discussed why a slow computer isn’t always a major issue that signals the end of a computer’s life. However, as with any technology, there will come a time when it’s necessary to begin looking at replacement.

Before we get into that, there is one timely and crucial consideration for a computer of any age or condition. As you may have read, the Windows 7 Operating System reached its official end of life in January. While you can still technically use Windows 7, it will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses due to the lack of security updates. We (and Microsoft) strongly recommend that you use Windows 10 instead of Windows 7.

With that in mind, what are the telltale signs that it’s likely time to move on to a new and improved machine? Here are a handful of the most common:

  • Upgrading the hardware leads to compatibility issues.
  • Your computer’s fans are getting noisy. It’s important to note that you should first check that you are letting your computer “breathe”. We all too often see computers that completely are covered, placed too close to a wall, or are kept in dusty environments. All of these factors will affect the fan, so we recommend you check for these circumstances first.
  • It would be cheaper to replace than to repair. Similar to a decision many of us have had to make with a car, for example, sometimes the cost of repairs would be equal to—or more than—a new computer. If this is the case, your decision is easy.
  • Loading applications takes a long time. If this is happening, you should first check to make sure your trash and other folders aren’t clogged with old files or pictures. Clean these folders up. If that doesn’t improve load times, there is a bigger issue at hand.
  • The computer has difficulty multitasking.
  • It’s taking longer and longer to startup and shutdown.

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