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Why Is Multi-Factor Authentication Important

By 10.02.19February 8th, 2020No Comments

With the rising number of incidents involving cyber attack and identity theft, businesses are increasingly looking to use advanced security measures to protect their data and network access.

In this blog post, we briefly look at Multi-Factor Authentication and the reasons why business organizations need to implement it.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a system of security protocol that requires multiple credentials from a user for verification. Earlier digital systems and online access platforms asked the user to submit a single username and password which was used for granting access. MFA requires additional credentials before the user can be given access. MFA systems ask for information such as a pin code sent to the user’s mobile, the answer to a security question, fingerprint input or facial recognition through a camera-based mobile device for authentication.

MFA has become popular because it provides enhanced security for users. A username can be stolen and password can be hacked. However, when a user has to go through multiple steps of authentication, the chances of hacks and success of brute-force attacks decreases considerably.

Since an MFA protocol creates multiple layers of input from a user, it increases the likelihood that the user requesting access is actually who they claim to be. With an MFA in place, a cybercriminal can be blocked even if they manage to steal user’s credential.

Manners of Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication involves using a combination of different ways to verify users. These include:

  • Pin codes that are randomly generated and sent to mobile devices
  • Scan or input from specific units with a chip such as badges, USB devices, employee cards, and other physical devices
  • Fingerprints
  • Random codes sent to an email address for verification
  • Facial recognition software
  • Retina or iris scans
  • User behavioral analysis tools
  • Assessment of users based on risk scores
  • Answers to personal security questions

Why Is Multi-Factor Authentication Important?

These days, businesses are moving towards cloud-based infrastructure and they need to give clients and employees better access to their database. A company’s records can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

As the database for an organization becomes increasingly public, the risk of hacking attempts rises. Businesses require better security systems to prevent data theft, accidental loss, or manipulation by third parties.

The MFA protocol significantly enhances system security and gives businesses the following benefits.

  1. MFA reduces the risk of identity theft. Even if a person’s username and password are stolen, the cyber attack can be thwarted by MFA.
  2. MFA also improves and simplifies the login process for users. A user’s information can be tracked through fingerprint, facial recognition, or retina scan.
  3. Given its usefulness, certain regulatory bodies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology are recommending the use of MFA. If you apply it for your business today, your company will be more compliant in the future.
  4. Apart from security, MFA can also be used to create employee monitoring systems. A fingerprint authentication tells businesses when specific employees are accessing the systems or where they are on the field, leading to better sales management.
  5. You can also use MFA to require joint authentication from two different users (or employees) which further boosts security and coordination.

Security experts agree that MFA is an improvement over existing authentication protocols and enhance database security like never before. Thanks to mobile devices with finger sensors and facial recognition software, you can add diverse methods of authentication to your business, making your systems more safe and secure.

Looking for next-level security? Stay tuned for our next blog on Single Sign-On.

For more information on how to incorporate MFA at your business, contact us for a price.

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